Take a break, for a few

Are you always on your phone all day everyday because I know I am, I think people should turn off for a few hours or a day or two. When was the last time you looked at your screen time how many hours do you think you have on it? I’m saying we should cut off the hours because first it causes sleep problems and I know you are all wondering why you cant seem to fall asleep its because your on that phone!! It also says that “most students reported a positive change in mood, reduced anxiety, and improved sleep during and immediately after a break from social media”. It improves in mental health, social connecters and reduced studies. It doesn’t have to be for days you can even do 30 minutes it can even reduce loneliness and depression. When people see other peoples social media pages ,They can negatively compare their own lives and self image which makes them hate them selves when everybody should love themselves. It’s important to practice mindfulness when using social platforms to maintain a healthy, productive mindset. What i think everybody should do is first delete the apps you really don’t need and try to limit your screen time, if you see yourself on it to much go do something for 30 minutes or an hour go talk to somebody because sometimes people need a talk we do have do not disturb so use it it actually helps. Personally I don’t use it but I’m going to start to I heard it helps second I think you should unfollow people that you think aren’t important now or doesn’t entertain you as much. I hope you all take this advice because its important and most the things im saying is true you may not agree but just try it.


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