stress as a senior

That point in life when you have to start stepping up it can be hard, did you know 43 percent of teens surveyed and said their stress levels had gone up. Another thing is when during survey the seniors had also said they had a hard time concetraiting on their schoolwork. Some bad things that come with stress as a senior could be not having time to do work not being able to focus, having a hard time with what colleges to go too. Stress could be to much to some minds it can just completely take over you.

Also, some ways we can help seniors who have stress is by just talking to them and let it out, another thing is when people are stressed working out can also help some people. So when you’re stressed maybe you can find a psychical activity that you like, and know who you can go to when you’re struggling. That’s why stress as a senior can definitely be tough but at the same time they’re are ways that can help you and so that way maybe you will be more confident.

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