2023 Colorado Laws and Regulations

The world is evolving and so is Colorado right with it. People from all over the US are moving here which has influenced some of the more recent laws and regulations in attempt to keep our state functioning safe and clean. Do you agree with these laws?

  • Plastic Bag Fee – It was announced that all stores statewide will be required to charge a minimum of 10 cents per plastic bag provided for customers. The money made from this is split 60/40 and the government takes majority. This law was put into place with hopes to prepare people for a statewide ban on single-use plastic starting in 2024.
  • Minimum Wage Increase – In 2022, we saw gas prices fluctuate at rates from $3.32-$5.03 and thing impacted by inflation (cost of houses, cars etc.). In light of this, Colorado has decided to set minimum wage at $13.65 for regular employees and $10.63 for tipped employees. Denver, being one of the larger cities, has increased its regular rate to $17.29 an hour.
  • Cage-free Chickens – In hopes to ban all cages for hens by 2025, it has been set that each hens must have at least a square foot of floor space in their enclosure. Proponents say the traditional systems of keeping hens confined in small cages is inhumane and prevents the hens from being in their natural habitat and performing their natural behaviors.

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