How to make a Drake cake

1. Make a cake

Think of your favorite cake flavor, you can make your cake from scratch or from a box whatever you’re comfortable with. Make your cake in the shape of a rectangle.

protip: let your cake cool before decorate it

2. Decorate

This is where it gets serious! get in touch with your inner creative self. you will need white brown black blue and gold frosting.

protip: print a picture of the nothing was the same album by drake and cut out the clouds to trace the shape of his head to make detailing easier.

first you should make the background depending on what icing you use if you use cream cheese frosting make sure you leave space for his head because the icings will mix.

protip: use gel tube icing to make his head it will be easier to add small details.

now after your background is complete use a picture of drake and replicate it the best you can.

3. Have Fun!!

When you make your drake cake invite some friends over and have fun!

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