Don’t have a significant other to spend the 14th with? Grab your best girl friends and ut together a Galentines day together you can do anything from a boba date to the zoo and so much more

1. painting

Paint together, find a cute idea off of pinterest and execute it. You can also make it much more fun by adding a twist make a picnic out of it or go to a paint studio like painting with a twist!

2. self care day

take a day to rejuvenate yourselves! You can go to the nail salon, get facials, get massages, or even go to the mall and go on a shopping spree. create a new style together and boost your confidence.

3. go on a hike

take the time to wake up early and drive somewhere to challenge your body and incorporate fitness into your routine! Our health is so important so take your favorite people to your favorite hike!

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