Working at the zoo by: Josef

The zoo is a very interesting place to work at, this job come with goods and bad. Some of the things that I love about working at the zoo is, the people that I work with and are surrounded with. They all have a great jobs and come tell me how the animals are doing, I love talking to the CEO of the company I love how he cares for all his employees and shows it. I love all the little secret drama that we have working at the zoo. I also get free food to feed the animals there and spend time with them along with being able to bring as many friends and family with me to visit the zoo. Having the job also includes a free zoo membership. Chewy the tiger is one of my favorites and he snarls at people if he likes you, he is so fun and loves attention from all the people. Chewy one time ate a little boys hat and also a peacock that flew in his cage and they could not find the peacock for a couple of hours due to the tiger laying on the body playing with it.

The job is not always so fun though and here are some reasons why, the people who come to the zoo are very entitled and have attitude majority of the time. The people lack on watching/ taking care of their children often resulting in them running around where they aren’t supposed to be and getting lost. This causes the parents to get mad at the workers. The peacocks made me mad, they are not actually our peacocks we pay someone else to keep them there and we have to still clean up after all of them. Also when I am working at the coffee shop I have to make so many peoples orders and when its not our right away they get mad, they also get mad when they order something from Starbucks and we do not have it.

-Josef Cotto-Banke

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