The Distracted World We Live In

By: Tiana Hayes

The world is full of Distractions. There is no way around it. But it does help to know why it happens and ways we can help ourselves when we do get distracted. First thing first is knowing that it is not a problem that you are getting distracted. There are so many things that can drive us to being distracted that we have no control over. Here are some things that may cause of to get distracted.


Working can be very tiring, especially if you are already tired before you start. Somethings might make you physically tried while others mentally tried. Either way, when you get tired, it becomes harder to work and then we don’t do as good of a job or we decided to not work on it at all.

Resting is the best way to get over tiredness. This resting includes like stretching, taking a nap, maybe going on a walk. Something to clear your mind. Doing these like going on to YouTube or TikTok will not be of much help because they will trier your eyes and might even make you more tried then when you started. Not only that but it gets your mind thinking about anything which might also not help you rest. So if you are tried and it’s distracting you, here are some things to help.


Lots of people will stop what they are doing when they are uncertain. Not knowing what to do can be scary and people will sometimes freeze or panic. They will do other things to distract themselves from what they don’t know how to do. Something you can remember to help with that is to try just focusing on what you can control and do, not on the things you don’t know about.

Somethings that may help with uncertainty is writing things that are on your mind. If you write down the stuff that you are thinking, it can clear your head. You could also write down all the questions that you may have about what you are doing. This way you can figure out what you already know and figure out the things that you need know. This can clear your head and let you see things more clearly while giving you a break.


There are many reasons as to why you may be stressed. The question is what you do when you get stressed. Most people can’t work when they are stressed, and they try to distract themselves by doing other things. Trying to do anything to relive the stress that does not include what you are supposed to be working on.

Somethings you could do with being stressed is taking a step back and breathing. This can help clear your mind and calm you down if you start to get panicky. Anything you could do is anything but the task you were doing. Get a change in scenery, try to get a different thing done. Just try and stay productive. Doing anything is better than doing nothing. This way you don’t feel discouraged to continue when you are out of energy or mind power.


Boredom will happen. It often comes with starting new task, doing assignments, trying to complete goals, doing work. Most of the time these things are just not very fun and because of this we get bored and reach for what we think would be more interesting. This can include things like our phones, something around the room, even our own minds. But at the end of the day, we will feel better about ourselves if we do finish our task.

You are going to be bored in the beginning of anything new. It will happen. Something you could do to help is by taking away anything that might be a little too entertaining. Because when this boredom hits, we will reach for those entertaining things.

These are all things that may contribute to you getting distracted along with many more that weren’t mentioned. And remember, it’s ok to get distracted, it happens, the best thing you could do is figure out why and try to help yourself through it. I an example of this is myself. I had a month to post this blog post and it has taken me 31 days. All because I would keep getting distracted. And now that it is finished, I am feeling very good about it.

Here is the link for more information on what was said.,what%20to%20do.%22%20…%205%205.%20Trigger%3A%20Fear

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