New Year, New me

The first month of 2023, is the time to start your new year off correctly. Whether it’s getting a gym membership, writing new goals, or starting over and moving. No matter how you may have started your new year off to become a better version of yourself, I suggest trying something a bit unconventional this year.

Articles about spirituality suggests to instead of trying to implement new goals and aspirations for your life are more likely to grow into good habits when done in the spring. The spring is the season of new beginnings, a sign of a new start. The time of the year when flowers are planted and cared for and sprouts into something beautiful. Following the same concept of flowers, writing goals in the summer ( planting the seeds), taking steps to working for this goal ( watering the soil), the accomplishment of these goals ( sprouting of flowers). So in this new year, be patient and wait till summer to begin working towards that new goal and see what comes of this new way to set new goals.

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