Catering here at Harrison high school.

Here at Harrison high school we have many interesting electives that you can partake in. Catering is one of the most applied to electives and also an elective I am currently enrolled in-order to get into catering you first have to take a semester of intro to culinary followed by a semester of intro to sanitation. You then have to pass the professionalism test. In the actual class we first study and learn about what we will be cooking then after we put together either a recipe we make or one given to us and out together a grocery list, then we cook.

So far we have learned many different recipes and have tried many new foods. Some of my favorite dishes that we have made this year would have to be, Our soup lab which me and my group made a cheesy potato soup, when my group made Italian meatballs, and my last favorite is, chicken Parmesan. We also get really cool experience not only learning a real life skill but we also get guest speakers such as chefs where we can watch them cook and try there food to help inspire us more.

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