When Ruby Left -Alondra

Where can I start? I never thought I was going to have a new friend. I got put in this Yearbook class and I didn’t know anyone. Then, one day I decided to help out in picture day. I meet Ruby there and we started taking and our friendship began. Then we would do group work and we got closer and would do most of our work together. We would go around to classes and pass out things about Yearbook. She would help me understand so many things even though they were not hard. She would encourage me to get my work done and get my grades up. We would mess around sometimes, but we would always make sure to encourage each other to get work done and our grades up.

But she had a goal to graduate early and she achieved her goal. Even though this goal was stressful, she worked hard and managed to do it. But here comes the sad part…

She left me all alone. Now I’m just in the corner getting all my work done. Having to walk around passing things out alone. Keeping myself on track to get all my work done and have good grades. But when I think of Ruby, it keeps me going. I’m happy for her and thankful we met.

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