The most followed athletes on Instagram

Getting to a place where you can say that you make millions just by playing your favorite sport is not easy, there is a lot of risks to take, difficult decisions, different paths, and a lot of hard work. The one’s that do make it have to work even harder to not be considered a failure. These are the most followed athletes on Instagram.

Photo by Fabricio Trujillo on

At number 10 we have famous soccer player Marcelo, Marcelo won 5 champions leagues with his club Real Madrid and had many more accomplishments, He comes in at 61.3 million followers. At number 9 we have star Ronaldinho, Ronaldinho accomplished pretty much everything, won a Ballon d’or won a world cup and many more things, he comes in at 71.2 million followers. Number 8 goes to Kylian Mbappe, French young player, won the world cup at 19 but just recently lost in the final in a heartbreaker, he comes in at 95.8 million followers. Number 7 goes to another soccer star David Beckham, the English man was also really successful, He has 97.5 million followers. Number 6 goes to Lebron James, the basketball star accomplished many things, to winning multiple championships to even doing it with different teams, Lebron has 142 million followers. Number 5 goes to Neymar Jr, Neymar is also really successful, from winning a champions league with Barcelona, to even winning the Olympics with Brazil and many more, the Brazilian has 202 million followers. Number 4 goes to cricket star Virat Kohli, he holds the record for most scoring runs and won many man of the tournament, he comes in at 233 million followers. The number 3 spot goes to Dwayne Johnson, the rock is super successful, from acting in many different movies to being an inspiration for many, he has 359 million followers. Number 2 goes to the Goat Lionel Messi, the man completed soccer, won 4 champions league, 7 ballon d’ors, 6 golden boots, 1 copa america and now recently 1 world cup. I could go on to name way more trophies and accomplishments but it would take forever, Messi comes in at 423 million followers. Number 1 goes to another Goat, Cristiano Ronaldo, this man almost completed soccer, 5 ballon d’ors, 4 golden boots, 5 champions league, 1 euros with Portugal and many more, not only is this man the most followed athlete but he is also the most followed person on Instagram with an amazing 538 million followers.

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