why we shouldn’t have e bathroom passes in high school

Why are our schools becoming so controlling and obsessive with watching us. First I feel that if we are old enough to be inn high school that you know when you have to use the bathroom and you know how your bladder works. Another thing is now that they are timing us it can make us feel pressured and what if we don’t feel good and we run out of time or what if something happened that you didn’t think would happen life if a girl started her period and they give us a timer it just doesn’t feel right that schools are getting so controlling without even ask nab us students how we feel about it.

Another reason we shouldn’t have these passes is because what if the wifi goes out would they still let us go. Having this app just makes kids go on their phone more it angers the kids they just make us feel like they arnt getting us as prepared for High school they treat us like were little kids still and it just feels disrespectful and makes us kids just feel watched. a website you can read into is https://www.today.com/today/amp/tdna150088

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