January Book Reviews

By: Tiana Hayes

For the new year I decided that I was going to read 3 books each month and I thought I would tell you about them.

A Crack in the Line

A Crack in the Line, by Michael Lawrence, is a story about the lives of teens that change for ever. Alaric lives with his father in the Withern Rise that is slowly falling apart after his mother dies. Naia lives with her mother and father in the Withern Rise, slowly putting their lives back together after her mother’s accident. After meeting each other for the first time, they try to figure out what mysteries force has brought them together and why.

If you enjoy Mystery and Suspense, I recommend this book. You get to learn about the lives of Alaric and Naia and how similar everything seems to them until the accident. You get to figure out with them how they are connected and get to see each other. Their history is a mystery and so is their future. An overall good story.

Follow Me Back

Follow Me Back, by A.V. Geiger, is about Tessa and her agoraphobia and obsession with pop star Eric Thorn. With nothing better to do, she hyperfocus on this singer and even begins a popular hashtag on twitter. Eric Thorn on the other hand is trying to stay safe after the death of a fellow pop star due to an obsessed fan. Hoping to escape from his life, he creates a fake twitter account and stars talking with Tessa. His plan backfires ever so slightly and a friendship blooms. But neither of them knows what they got themselves into.

I really enjoyed this story. It was very suspenseful and got me addicted to it. There is another book in the series that I am currently trying to get my hands on. If you like Dark, Suspenseful, and Romantic stories I would recommend this one. You get to watch their relationship build off of complete trust because they have never actually meet.

What if it’s Us

What if it’s Us, by Becky Albertalli and Adam Silvera, is about young Ben and Arthur who meet in a post office of New York. Arthur visiting for the summer and Ben living there all is life, they believe the universe brought them together. Attempting to start a relationship they go through many ups and downs and dates. Many, many dates. Ben is trying his best to be a good boyfriend and Arther is giving it his all.

This was a good story. If you like Romance, Drama, Suspense, I would recommend this book. You get to experience the young love with them, all their wrongs and rights, thoughts and feelings. Not only that but this story is told from both their perspectives each chapter.

If you have been looking for a book to read, I hope this has helped you out or introduced you to knew genres and authors.

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