Interview with Todd Pollard

By Josef

J- what got you into teaching?

P-so we’re going to the profession is that always wanted to teach students? I always been told I have the capacity for making young people understand things in a certain way having the ability to explain things multiple different ways so people understand arts have always been a passion of mine, so I figured why not combine my talents and be a art teacher

J-do you have a good relationship with your coworkers?

P-I do I love my fellow teachers so far I never meant nobody who hasn’t been willing to compromise or work with other people we all share some of the same challenges

J-what inspired you to become an art teacher?

P-originally I had gone to school to become a history teacher I thought that’s what I was going to do and throughout my time in college my professors and my academic advisors noticed that I was taking a lot of art classes for electives and they asked me if I liked art I said yeah I absolutely love it and they said why aren’t you considering minoring in art and I said OK, so I ended up with a bachelors in history with a minor in fine art and Harrison was hiring for an art teacher and not a history teacher and I thought man that would be so great if I could teach art, but didn’t have any teacher education or experience so I was asked if I would be interested in getting my license and I said absolutely so I underwent a alternative program while I was teaching my first two years, so I was essentially being certified as a teacher. Well, I was handling the experience at the same time.

J- tell me something interesting about yourself

P-I have 13 titanium plates in my face, one in my wrist to in my hip after falling 75 feet from a bridge after being involved in a car accident

J-wow what’s your zodiac sign?



P-yes I was born November 11 so there were some discussion recently about star shifting and things not being quite the same as they were so essentially what zodiac you would be born under would be your zodiac sign, so that was very confusing and I just chose to identify as a Scorpio. It makes things easier.

J-that’s valid. I also saw that and I was so confused so I didn’t know what was going on. How’s your mystery garage door motor

P-so the story of my mystery garage motor so most of my students in my fellow coworkers know that my wife and I close on a house in August and we had to finish closing our final walk-through and one day I was arriving at the house I was unloading some boxes and things for the move and I found this mysterious garage motor in my garage and I was very confused and I called the builder and asked like do you homes come with these or where did this come from because I had already gotten the keys to my house and to my knowledge no one was supposed to be in there except me, so I was very confused as to how this thing installed into my garage and turns out that it was a mistake it was put there by mistake. It was actually somebody else’s probably the neighbors and I was upset because I had already made a plan for the garage door, so not only was somebody in my house that I wasn’t aware of installing something but then somebody else was in my house without my knowledge removing the said garage door opener because the next time I came, it was gone so I made sure I went and got every single key that was ever produced to my house and I made sure those are now in my possession that and a ring, doorbell and security system that kind of stopped unauthorized people from entering

J-what are you interested in collecting sorts?

P-when I was a kid my mom had to take me to the Colorado renaissance festival and I liked it so much that I insisted on going every single year so medieval Europe and things like that always fascinated me so I’ve always read comics watch movies, and TV shows that had to do with that time. and I just think that there’s something really unique about how swords are made in different types the different functions, the different, cultural different designs I really admire and respect the craftsmanship that goes into the swords I started collecting to thousand three when I got out the Navy and now I think I’m at about 17 or 18 pieces they’re all boxed up in my basement because my wife does not want them on the walls

J-how do you think you and impact your students life

P-so impact for my students can be several different ways. I’m hoping that my students are impacted in their creativity, and I’m hoping that my students are impacted with a desire and passion in art like I have but realistically, I realize not all my students are going to be art or photographers, so I’m hoping that other skills 13 with in my art classes, such as cooperation, creative thinking, and they can take that out in the world

J-thank you for letting me interview you.

This the interview question I used 

Questions I liked,

I loved the answer he gave me when I asked how he thinks he impact his students lives he said “I’m hoping that other skills 13 with in my art classes, such as cooperation, creative thinking, and they can take that out in the world” I know for a fact he has impacted me in a lot of ways that will help me in the future. 

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