Fruit are a category of plant that grows with seeds within the edible parts of the of the plant. An example would be strawberries , watermelon , and tomatoes but they come in all types of shapes and colors from big and small to bright or dull. Fruits are categorize into subgroups of fruit like your berries or melons.

Berries are most like category of fruit you think of first. berries are usually small fruit with skinny skin and edible seeds. Fruits categorized here would strawberries , blackberries , raspberries , and grapes.

Drupes and Pomes are fruits with the seed in the middle of the fruit. Drupes more pacifically have one large hard pit in the center while pomes have multiply little seed in the center. Examples of a Pome would be common fruit like apples and pear , and Drupes are like Peaches , Plums and Cherries

The next fruit we have are the citrus fruit which are tangy , sour that has a thick membrane and separates the flesh in to segments. Examples of citrus fruit would be oranges , tangerines , lemons , limes , grapefruit. Citric acid , the stuff found in sour candy , is actually naturally taken citrus. Most modern day citrus fruit has actually evolve from lemons and oranges primary.

After the citrus fruit we have our juicy melons. melon are large fruits with thick skin and a lot of seeds pack inside the flesh. The most well known melon fruit are watermelons , honeydews , cantaloupe , and melons there selves. Watermelons are elite.

Finally we have are tropical fruit , this is a wider variety of fruit that aren’t as similar to each other and could also be categorized into other groups of fruit. These fruit are all grown in the tropical regions of earth and many are considered to be exotic. Fruits in this category are Bananas , pineapples , mangos , kiwi , durians , and many more crazy and weird fruit in this category.

In conclusion fruit come in all sort of weird shapes , sizes , and colors from all around the word. Although they many are loved and many more are hated they all have there unique traits to them showing us that they all deserve a spot here on earth.

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