December is the final month of the year in the winter season when it snows. This time off year is when Christmas and new years takes place. December also represents rebirth and new begins for all.

The first half of December is Christmas. Christmas is seen as the most anticipated holiday of the year for most. For the lead up to Christmas people will put up Christmas trees with light and set up there houses with bright and pretty decoration. Then others will have big Christmas feast and part take in certain Christmas. An example of Christmas food would be something like candy canes, hot chocolate, sugar cookies, gingerbread house, and other foods of that nature. eventually it will be Christmas eve , the day before Christmas. On Christmas eve it is tradition to leave milk and cookies then go to sleep on time so Santa Clause the Jolly good nick can come in and give you presents the next day. On Christmas day millions of kids wake up in excitement heading for the Christmas tree to pick up there presents from Santa.

After Christmas has pass it is then time to celebrate the new year on the 31st of December , starting the next year. In celebration of the new year people often shoot of fireworks when it hits 12:00 while partying all night long. People will also commit to a new years resolution. A new year resolution is a promise to yourself to improve yourself wither its getting fit , stopping bad habits , or some other small improvements, this is your excuse to start those good habits.

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