The Interview By Dezera Martinez

“Belief Meaning” – “an acceptance that a statement is true or that something exists.” “trust, faith, or confidence in someone or something.” – Safari

Lesly Quinonez, a Sophomore at Harrison High School, allowed me to ask and give questions about a topic that always comes to my mind. My goal of this interview was to get another persons perspective on their beliefs and have an open-mind about what they have to say.

Dezera/Interviewer- Today it is December 12, 2022 and I am here with Lesly Quinonez and I am here to interview her for my Yearbook Final.

Dezera- To start off Lesly how are you doing this evening?

Lesly- I am doing fine, just stressed about school.

Dezera- Oh yes, I think many people here at the school are stressed about the finals! But I wanted to ask you how are your beliefs with ghosts?

Lesly- Well I do believe in ghosts but it’s just too hard to understand how they can be messing with your mind. Like what I mean by that is some believe that ghosts flicker the light on and off or they just do things like that. Some have good or bad energy.

Dezera- Yes I understand where you are coming from, have you heard of Psychics?

Lesly- Yes, and no.

Dezera- Well Psychics can feel a dead person I believe and they can communicate with them as well. But I was just wondering your input on ghosts and if you believe in things like that. Thanks for tuning in.

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