The impact of coaching – Antonio Shedrick

Antonio Shedrick better known around Harrison as Coach Antonio, has been coaching at Harrison for only 9 seasons, coaching basketball and football. Antonio grew up in Raines, South Carolina. After asking him how his childhood was, he described it as ” wasn’t the normal.” Antonio was adopted at the age of 10 by a wonderful family, who gave him a great home, which made him the man he is today. The beginning of his coaching career didn’t start as most would believe. In 2007, Antonio was stationed in Fort Hood, Tx. He signed his son up for one year flag football, on the first day once they arrived he noticed the team was left without a coach. Seeing this opportunity, Antonio stepped up and began coaching, falling in love with it and never looking back. When asked about what was the biggest impact a coach has made on him, he remembered one of his coaches by the name of Taft Watson. Waston coached at Antonio’s high school back in Raines, South Carolina. Antonio took the many life lessons taught to him by his high school coach; the main one being that if he ever wanted to coach, it would be more than just the game of basketball. Seeing the joy on kids faces is what makes coaching fulfilling to Antonio. ” Sometimes we get players that may have never played the game before. In practice you going over drills to make these players better. Once you see them execute it in a game and they look at you and smile is the best feeling ever.” Coaching has taught Antonio patience. Realizing that many children should know some things because he believes are simple , is not the case for him. To have the patience to teach a skill to a player maybe for a week maybe for a month, but that is apart of his job as a coach. When asked about his most memorable moment from his 9 seasons of coaching at Harrison, Antonio brings up a specific date. November 9,2017, the first playoff game Harrison had ever won at the time. The team played Holy Family at home, after defeating them Harrison football moved on to the second round of playoffs. On top of these amazing accomplishment, it was also his birthday making the day even more special. Harrison has become a special home for Antonio, reminds him of his high school back home. Once Melo gave him the opportunity to coach at the school, he never looked back. Many offers to coach all around the Springs, Antonio has and will continue to stay where his heart is happy, at Harrison. Some advice for my generation from him was ” to strive to always be the best at whatever you want to do in life. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you can’t do something.” Still receiving calls from former players that he has coached over the years simply saying Thank you, Antonio continues to make an impact on players lives. Personally, Antonio hasn’t just been my basketball coach for the past 3 years, he has been a major role model in my life in and outside basketball.

~Zaria Graham

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