Porscha Randolph: A Harrison Alumni

Porscha Randolph has been a part of the district 2 family as a student and an employee since 2000, when she was a freshman at Harrison she also worked as a janitor at Otero Elementary. Since then she has kept in contact with many of her peers no matter the distance or time. once she graduated from harrison in 2004, she moved to texas for a couple years. Once she moved back to colorado springs she realized the cheer program she knew and loved so dearly in her teen years was very unorganized and no one really loved what they were doing. This hit Porscha hard due to her devotion and love to cheer for the four years she was in high school and in her college years as well. This gave her the motivation to swoop in and renovate the Panther cheerleaders into what they were once before. When Porscha was in high school her cheer coach was extremely strict about grades, which pushed them to do better. She wanted the same for future cheerleaders, her main goal as a coach was to create lifelong bonds between peers, to create an outlet for boys and girls to come and just enjoy what they are doing. Harrison has changed a lot over the years in the eyes of Porscha, in her days as a high schooler everyone was family and there was a lot of school spirit compared to now. Once she became a coach for the Harrison Panthers you know and love today it took a lot of work to bring the love and family aspect of cheer back. Another one of Porscha’s goals for the Harrison Panthers is to win state championships. in the ast the D2 community was extremely close to each other and still talk to each other to this day, but with these younger generations, there are more cliques and less love between peers.

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