Today i interviewed a straight A student here at Harrison high school and here is how is how it went…

E- Hi, who am I here with today?

L-Leslie Dominguez Mendoza

E-What grade are you in?

L-Eleventh grade

E-How old are you?

L- 16 years old 

E- Can I ask you a couple of questions?

L- Yea go ahead. 

E-First one is, how would you describe your 2022?

L-This year started off really strong. I got all of my work done, and I made sure to stay really energized by drinking lots of coffee. I started a ton of new habits. For example, sleeping for 8 hours and drinking enough water.

E-Alrighty, and on a scale from 1-10, how would you rate the year and why?

L- Id give this year a solid 7. This is because I wast able to do everything I wanted. I wasn’t able to travel to Mexico and I wasn’t able to visit my family members.But this year I did get a new kitten and I named her Salami. 

E-Alright and what do you think your favorite memory this year is and why? 

L-My favorite memory this year would have to be my birthday. This year I got a personalized ice cream cake and lots of money. I also went to my favorite restaurant. 

E- Alrighty and if you could change one thing from this year what would it be and why would you want to change it?

L-Id like to change the fact that we have limited busses and too many students and I hate having to fit 3 students to a seat, when theres barely any room for 2. 

E-What were you hoping for in the new year and if anything what will you be changing?

L- Im hoping to find a college that will best fit my views and my career choice as a nurse. I want to change how I veiw myself and others.

E-What do you think of the first semester that just ended?

L-This semester went really well for me and I ended up with really good grades and I wasn’t too stressed. Iff I ever ran into any problems, my teachers helped me out.

E- How would you describe grades and attendance?

L-My grades are above average and my attendance could use some work but hopefully i can fix this by next semester

E- and why do you think that you have those grades?

L- I work really hard for my grades and i make sure not to fool around and make sure to get all my work done. 

E- And who is your biggest inspiration? 

L- my biggest inspiration is my mom, she works non stop to be able to get us through life, and i hope i get to have the same motivation as she does.

E- perfect, and do you think this next semester will be better or worse?

L- I definitely feel next semester will be more challenging, but i kow i will be able to get through those challenges and end the semester strong.

E- and do you feel accomplished with how this semester ended? 

L- Yes, i say this semester ended very well. 

Made by Elysia and Kaidence DeBlasio

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