Alejandro Perez’s Legacy!

Before I had knew Alejandro Perez, I had heard that he was the talk of the town. People had spoken about his arrival this year for his senior come back to Harrison as he had been missed deeply by our coaches and players. People had spoken about how he was unable to play his first three games due to Chsaa rules on transferring, but failed to realize that this only game him time to prepare for unstoppable teamwork. Just because he didn’t appear on the field didn’t mean he wasn’t putting in the time and work to make their season worth it. He stated that they would have practices almost everyday all the way from “Monday to Saturday, and Saturday practices were in the morning to noon.” Perez had mentioned that, “The first three games of the season were not that good, but when I returned our season turned around and we started playing way better, winning all of our League games.” With Perez joining the hunt, this led them into a 8-3 season reaching the playoffs for an unfortunate loss in the first round. With the season being over in almost a blink of an eye I asked Mr.Perez on how he felt about being a senior and not being able to experience playing with a highschool team ever again as this was the final Hoo-rah between him and his comrades. He responded with how the thought of it was scary as it was almost another noticeable part of growing up. But he finished with how he was grateful to be apart of the team for the last time and how nobody else would’ve been better to end the season off with than his home team. I had a word with Alejandro after the interview asking him why he didn’t want to join the Palmer football team since he didn’t know if he would come back or not. He gave me word that since he already left Harrison high school joining another team that wouldn’t have maintained the same memories he carried from freshman and sophomore year at Harrison. He said it would’ve been an ultimate slap in the face because he was already a traitor once. After the interview and the off camera talk I had been happy to speak some more with him as he was content and somewhat consider him a friend.

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