The Life of Clair Markwell

By: Tiana Hayes

After sitting down and talking with Clair there are a lot of things, I have learned about her and her life experiences. She is a Junior here at Harrison Highschool, on her way to graduating with her Associates and Highschool Diploma. Education has always been a big part of her life, being that she likes to learn. Some of her favorite classes being History and Science.

“I really am a nut for History, and Science and like Biology and Chemistry.” Clair says when expressing her love for the subjects. When asked what she likes to do for fun or in her free time, she expresses pretty clearly her love for art. Since art has always been an option for her since she was little, she has grown to really love it. Being not only in the art class but also a TA for it, she has gotten the opportunity to try different styles projects.

Art was able to help her get through the loss of her friend. By continuing the painting, she had started before and finishing it even after. “I guess art helped me through it, because that painting got like supper dark and stuff, but it helped me process. So, art is a therapy for me.”

Being that the end of her high school career is coming to an end, Clair has many things to look forward to including moving to college. With many interests in mind, she has a many different things to look forward too. When asked what she thinks she might want to do after school, she tells me all the different things that follow along her interest.

“I’ve thought about being like a fulltime artist, or something to do with art like Graphic Design. But then I’m also thinking about science and like being a veterinarian or a Biologist”

With the help of her friends and family for helping her keep going, Clair is going to have formfilling life. Knowing what she wants to do she won’t have any trouble getting there. All we can do now is wish her good luck.

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