Human of Harrison- Dayna

Picture from Snapchat Bitmoji

A senior at our school, Dayna Benitez will be graduating May 2023. A little into her personal life Dayna balances school and work. Having good grades and being very responsible. I interviewed Dayna for being a good student and to talk about how to keep going in school.

Leslie (Interviewer)- “It is December 12, 2022 the first day of finals, How are you feeling?”

Dayna(Student)- “Good, ready for break”

L- “How would you rate your 2022-2023 year?”

D- “9/10, It was a really good year for me.”

L- “What made this year a good year for you?”

D- “I am almost done with school and am focused on my future.”

L- “Would you say you met your goals this year?”

D- “Yes, I did accomplish a lot.”

L- “What would you have changed?”

D- “The people I surrounded myself with.”

L- “Any advice you would want to give other students/others?”

D- “When you are close to giving up, push yourself to keep going.”

L- “Thank you for making time for my interview, this concludes our interview and we are ready for 2023.”

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