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Hanukkah is a Jewish festival celebrating the recovery of Jerusalem and subsequent rededication of the Second Temple. It will be celebrated the evening of Sunday, December 18-Monday, December 26 2022. What does a traditional Hanukkah look like? When gift-giving, “don’t go overboard” . Gifts such as books, jewelry, and food are appropriate Hanukkah presents. Personalized family gifts are also appropriate. On the first night of Hanukkah, you place a candle in the holder on the far right, and light it with the Shamash. Then put the Shamash back in its spot. On the second night, light the candle second from the right, then the candle on the far right, and replace the lit Shamash. What is the proper way to light a menorah? Each night you add a new candle before lighting. Candles are placed in the menorah from right to left but candles are lit from left to right. Hanukkah is an interesting eight-day Jewish celebration.

Fun Fact: Hanukkah means ‘dedication’


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