Wonderful life of Demitra Germanakos

Today we interviewed Ms. Demitra Germanakos. This interview was for the final project for our yearbook class. We interviewed her to get to know more about her other than just another teacher at this school. We chose Ms. Germanakos as our guest because she seems like a nice teacher and cares about other people and the school in general. 

In this interview we got to know miss Germanakos as more then just a teacher with her hopeful ideas for the school. We start the interview with the questioning her on her opinion of the school in which she would reply that Harrison High school is her favorite school to teach at with wide diversity and potential within the students. Germanakos said that she was actually inspired to be a teacher by a former teacher of hers , she now wants to reach out to current day students and hope to send the same impact of inspiring students into reaching their future dreams like how her teacher did to her. As a teacher of this school she thinks we need to enforce better rules and consequences against student skipping as it is one of the worst attributes in our school. Germanakos also says that the school could also work on certain areas like the stress it can bring to all students when grades are coming in but, when it comes to including students and helping bring powerful relationships the school does success in. After working for the school and finally reaching retirement she plans to become a self made artist or another teacher in her own right , enlighten her student towards their rightful future. In conclusion , Demitra Germanakos is a proud Harrison High School teacher who thinks the school could use some work but overall sees Harrison and all of its people as one of the best high school communities that she ever attended.

Khalib Whatley and Viviana Manzo

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