Pumpkins , a fruit that grows out of the ground form a thick brown stem into a orange body with groves. Pumpkins are considered to be in the squash family and typically grown for human consumption , livestock consumption ,special decoration on Halloween season. Pumpkins are also commonly used to be eaten as a pie or with the seeds. Pumpkins are also extremely healthy with low calories and high in nutrients , especially the seeds. If your not a fan of pumpkin seeds then you like to try pumpkin pie which gives the fruit a more sweet take that perfect for the Thanksgiving season.

Pumpkins have grown into a strong tradition for Halloween and Thanksgiving. Halloween has built the traditions of making jack – o – lanterns. A jack- o – lantern is a pumpkin that gets carved out to make a face then there’s a light put inside to make it a lantern. Every year Around Halloween every who partakes in the tradition will set there pumpkin made lanterns up with unique faces up for Halloween day. The origins of the Jack – o – lantern would be within Irish myth. Irish people would carve out pumpkins in order to scare a demon/ghost named Jack. When Irish people immigrated to America they used pumpkins to carve out to continue the tradition since they were native to America , Which is how the Tradition of Pumpkin carving on Halloween came from.

We also find Pumpkins having heavy significance for another American tradition , Thanksgiving. Pumpkin pies would first be made by the Native Americans who would then gift it to the first settlers and the pilgrims. As it be hard to travel across early day America the pilgrims would just get by in food and had to use anything to survive. This habit of surviving off anything they could would start the tradition of Thanksgiving within American , and Pumpkins would be one of those items that those Pilgrims would be thankfully for which is why we eat pumpkin pie to this day.

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