The Life of Elizabeth Scarborough

Elizabeth became a teacher in 2011 when she needed a job after her school and subbing career. She has had a beautiful career going forward, she has been wanting to motivate kids and make them better people which has been a success so far. Although she really likes her job, it can be really stressful so she usually hands out with her dogs. As soon as Covid- 19 hit, she felt the difference, students weren’t as as good in the classroom as they used to be, focusing was way harder and phones became an issue. But it even made something positive, coming back after Covid was tuff, it felt like you were new to school so technology came in, for Elizabeth, technology has made it easier for student to submit assignments but harder for them to focus. She teaches her classroom in a wonderful way, whenever admin come in and do observations it can be stressful but the feedback is helpful. She feels that parents should encourage their children to study and push forward with educations since the future can be bright. When she needs to check for understanding, she does observations of writings and does class discussions. Grades for her are useless, it makes students focus more on their grade which can influence cheating than actually learning. Even though she is a great teacher and a great person she has strengths and weaknesses. One of her strengths is that she is really good at reflecting and changing the pace on how she teaches. And one of her weaknesses is that she feels awkward when talking individually to students. She really likes animals, and being a bird would be amazing for her since she could fly and feel free. Everyone has obstacles in their life, but that doesn’t matter if you can overcome them, for her she just keeps on pushing forward when she faces obstacles. Being a teacher requires a lot of leaderships and maturity, but how does it affect your leaderships before? Well.. for Elizabeth, teaching has made her talk to people in a better way and to groups of people.

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