The World Cup so far

The World Cup has been full of surprises, beautiful moments and beautiful games. In group A (Netherlands, Senegal, Ecuador, Qatar) Netherlands topped the group with Senegal following in second. In group B (England, USA, Iran, Wales) England and USA passed. In a very tuff group C (Argentina, Poland, Mexico, Saudi Arabia) Argentina passed in first and Poland in second. In group D (France, Australia, Tunisia, Denmark) The 2018 champions France passed in first and Australia followed in second. In group E (Japan, Spain, Germany, Costa Rica) a huge surprise happened… Japan passed in first, beating Spain who passed in second and beating Germany who did not pass. In group F (Morocco, Croatia, Belgium, Canada) another huge surprise happened, Morocco passed in first with Croatia coming in second, Knocking out Belgium and Canada. In group G (Brazil, Switzerland, Cameroon, Serbia) Brazil cruised easily in first and Switzerland followed in second. And finally, in group H (Portugal, South Korea, Uruguay, Ghana) Another shock happened, Portugal passed in first which was expected but South Korea passed in second while Uruguay got knocked out. And those were all the group stages.

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Now, In the Knockout stages there is two sides of teams, both sides with 8 teams. In the left side Netherlands beat USA 3-1. Argentina beat Australia 2-1. Japan lose in a heartbreak to Croatia.. 3-1 in Penalties. Brazil absolutely run through South Korea in a 4-1 domination. Now on the right side there was a lot more games that were not close. First, France break the World Cup winner curse by beating Poland 3-1. England then goes on to an easy win against Senegal beating them 3-0. Then in a shocker, Morocco beat Spain 3-0 on penalties. And for the last game, Portugal destroy Switzerland 6-1. Now the upcoming matches on the left side are Netherlands VS Argentina, Croatia VS Brazil. On the right side we have England VS France, Morocco VS Portugal. There is 8 teams remaining in total, but only one can lift the trophy… Who will it be?

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