Interview- Ruby&Alondra

Here is a sneak peek of Ms. Bates life. To begin with she 5 siblings, with twin brothers. She has two daughters and a son. Ms. Bates is one of our staff here at Harrison high school. She chose to be teacher because it is something that has gone through generations of her family. It took her 2 and a half years in UCCS to become a teacher. She taught at three different schools. She went to Air Academy High School, Mitchell High School, and Harrison High School. The hardest school to teach was Air Academy High School which is in District 20. She has been in the teaching industry for 6 years. After teaching at the other schools she came here to Harrison High School for 4 years. Her motivation for coming to this school was that the demographic was bigger here than other schools. The most challenging thing about becoming a teacher was organizing her time with spending time with family and making lesson plans. The most challenging part of actually teaching was controlling the class behavior. Some students don’t listen to what she has to say. Something she would have been if it wasn’t a teacher would be a pilot and drive a plane. In four words a positive experience she had while being a teacher is To Meet Her Students!!

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