The point of Christmas spirit

Its that time of the year where Christmas is coming around and new years some people don’t like Christmas because of their past experiences, some people love Christmas and get into the spirit every time it comes around. They like to decorate their entire house, buy gifts for everybody, put their Christmas tree up around October ( yes October), they listen to Christmas music, and they watch Christmas movies. People love Christmas because its a “special season” by adults, and children get a sense of the goodwill and nearly “magical” optimism the time brings. Holidays allow us to savor the things we overlook during other times of the year. Christmas makes us happy because we like to see the new lights put up and everything brightening At Christmas, you feel joy because you see the good things with the holiday. This is because your brain recognizes the previous joy of family time and the excitement of gifting as per the feelings you had as a child. Some people hate Christmas because they think its a lack of time or money, commercialism, having the pressure of gift-giving, and family gatherings is one of their top stressors. They also hate it because some of them never had a good Christmas before and never got anything for it and some peoples families are broken so they cant enjoy Christmas, most of the time they are called the Grinch for hating Christmas. At the end of the day Christmas is a month to celebrate being with your family and the people you love and it not just about the gifts its also the thought that counts. I hope people that dislike Christmas find someone to help them enjoy it because your supposed to enjoy. I hope everyone has a Christmas they wished for this year.

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