The life of Kathleen Ellen Goodson

 Kathleen Ellen Goodson is a teacher at Harrison high school. Who was originally born in Morse town New jersey at Morse town memorial hospital. She grew up in a single parent household with just an absent father who left when she was just 3 years of age. But she had a loving and compassionate mother who tried her best to give her kids the best life possible. Yes, there was a struggle but just like any single parent household, Kathleen’s mother, who is a schoolteacher persevered so that she wouldn’t let her children down. Kathleen felt she grew up in a more than loving home, but a home full of care, love, protection, and compassion. Kathleen always adored her mother for being such a strong and independent person even when times get rough, and for always setting a good example for her children. Kathleen even aspired to be like her mother, she even followed in her mother’s footsteps in becoming a teacher. Although she never saw herself teaching at a place like Harrison high, Goodson had wanted to strive for something better. Like many other people Goodson had childhood dreams, like wanting to become an astronaut. Or to play for the US Olympics, because Kathleen always had Kinch for soccer and she’s good at it and wanted to pursue that path but knew she would always end up teaching. She took steps to follow her dreams by taking the risk and going to college and spending 100,000K on a degree she didn’t utilize for 4 years. But she finally realized she enjoyed teaching after doing construction in Florida then eventually teaching math before she came to Colorado. During our interview I asked Kathleen if she enjoyed her life as of today, she responded with “YES, I have nothing but caring and supportive people in my life and I feel like they will support me being where I want to be and were I want to be and I think that is most important”. This shows that Goodson isn’t just happy with her life but also with the people in it, I asked her a follow up question on if she liked herself an with no surprise the answer was yes. She said that its mainly because of the people in her life that’s why she enjoys it herself so much because she is surrounded with nothing but positivity. Her positive life style always puts smiles to peoples faces but this is the end so thank you for reading Kathleen Ellen Goodson’s story. 

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