Her High school Life

Katherine Medina


My interview was with Jezreel Laos, and she had a lot to say about high school and home events. She’s in two In classes, working hard to make her way to the best college possible while maintaining an easy home lifestyle. She has been stressed all year long with the essays and projects due as well as getting in work on time while she can. She laughs everyday trying to get through no matter what, always maintains a positive attitude and that’s what’s great about her. When she’s home she said she enjoyed being with her cousins and playing around with them, color or watch TV with them.

She Jokes around how she’s starting to grow grandma hairband can see her shiny grey hairs start to appear, blames the work she does is the cause of it and laughs because it shows that she does so much almost everyday. She doesn’t even rest when it’s break, jezreel mentioned how during thanksgiving break she was supposed to finish something but never got to fully finish since she felt too tired and eventually ended up sleeping and doing nothing. And as much as she likes to take breaks, she doesn’t like the fact that sometimes she ends up stopping when it’s close to the deadline. She’s getting there though, slow and steady wins the race. Jezreel once said that her bunnies were something that used to help her relax and calm down whenever she needed too, sadly though they passed away but she doesn’t forget about them. She enjoyed how soft and cute they were. One bunny was hers and the other belonged to her sisters and took care of them. When they first got them she said how she would spend her homework time with them loose, running and jumping around them in the room to help with concentration and relax.

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