December Dreams

Katherine Medina


Its finally that tie of year! December is here and that means that Christmas is here and so is the smell of cookies, brownies and pie and much more! There may have been a day or two when we had snow, but we also had a lot of sunshine and winds so far, and I can see how excited everyone is that this year is almost over. There is only two ish weeks left of school and then we are out. I cant wait until finals are over so I can go home and take that first nap of winter break. The first nap of winter break is always the best since you are well aware your not going to school until January and what awaits for you when Christmas comes and then after new years eve. Many people celebrate Christmas differently and it is exciting to see how they do their own Christmas way. For the first time last year was my first time decorating a tree and make cookies. My friend invited me over to help out since i asked if I could and I loved it all. Making the cookies was the best part because they used a family recipe that had been passed down for many generations and were delicious. It was a weird process but in the end I got to keep some.

For the Christmas decorating we used very old and special ornaments that were made of glass and heavy so those had to be dealt with care and at the bottom of the tree so prevent them from falling off and breaking. It took a while because there were so many to put up since the tree was also big. After we decorated the tree we went back home and drank some soda and ate snacks. It was a good night and was thanked for helping. I cant wait to do it again this year!

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