Breathe , reflect then respond.~ Zaria Graham

I’ve learned that many times when I am high in emotion, good of bad. I will instantly respond to whatever the topic of conversation may be. This doesn’t work. In many cases, this leads to miscommunication, and disagreements that could be simply avoided if I had taken a moment of time to breathe, gather my thoughts and then respond. Understanding how I may feel. being aware of my emotions and being able to think clearly through my thoughts to respond correctly.

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Being self aware of how I’ve been in a cycle of exploding when my feelings are hurt in the slightest way, isn’t healthy. Don’t be scared to calm yourself, to understand what is being said to you. The people who love you are telling you things you may not want to hear but are things you need to hear to be a better you. Take it to heart but don’t explode on the person who is trying to help or get you to understand your impact on them.

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