Let me help you guys understand the meaning of a Quinceanera for a Hispanic family. To begin with the meaning of Quinceanera is that you are becoming a women your finally turning 15. But there is one rule that most parents have for all the young girls. Which is that they can’t have a boyfriend before there Quinceanera or party. But other parents don’t really care because they celebrate there daughter Quinceanera for a tradition they have going on for decades. The prices of getting the things of the party is long and expensive. It’s not just a party it’s a really big party where the Quinceanera has to wear a big dress.

These parties can be celebrated very differently and they can have a variety of things. For example my party had a candy table I had a band a dj and I had a big and puff baby purple dress. I had my court, which is my chambelanes. I dance with them two dances one is the val’s and the other one is the surprise dance. Another dance that goes all in mostly all Quinceanera’s are the father dance. This party is just a last memory of when you were a little girl you get your last doll or bear. Overall the party is just a nice little memory of when you turned 15 and became a women.

Photo by Becerra Govea Photo on Pexels.com
Photo by Becerra Govea Photo on Pexels.com

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