Winter Activities

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Winter, the coldest time of the year, also one of the most festive times of the year. Festivities include Christmas, New Years, and New Years Eve.

Activities include skiing and snowboarding, dog sledding, sleigh rides, cross country skiing, snowbiling, ice fishing etc..

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Snowboarding is an activity that requires descending a snow-covered surface while standing on a snowboard that is always attached to a rider’s feet. It features in the winter Olympics and the Paralympics.

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Dog sledding is a sled pulled by one or more dogs, used to travel over ice and through snow. Numerous sleds are used and depending on their function, they can be used for dog racing. Just imagine 8 happy, bouncing dogs ready and raring to get moving, the wind on your face as you are riding through the snow.

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Skiing is a competitive sport where skiers attach long skis, also called runners to specially designed boots and uses the to travel on top of snow. There are 3 types of skiing and they range from alpine to cross-country and backcountry to freestyle.

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