Up- Alondra

Let me tell you about the amazing movie Up. This movie is about two elder couple that lived in a beautiful house but one day the wife died of sickness. The husband became a sad/angry widow. Especially when they started remodeling everything around the house the destroyed every house to make them buildings but he was they only on that stayed there. Then one day someone threw down his mailbox he get angry because that was really valuable for him because his wife and him made it.

Then they tried to sent him to a nursing home and that’s when they gave him only two days then a kid came along and tried to help him throw the trash away and he refused his help. The day they went for the man he told them that he was going to say a last bye to the house and that when he brought up all the balloons and made his house fly. A few days later someone knocked on his door and it was the kid that had offered to help all scared and ran into the house. They traveled for a few days then they found a dog which got them in trouble. At the end they went to the place his wife wanted to go visit before she died.

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