the point of a yearbook

What do you want when you see a yearbook? Well what I feel it is for first is memory. I feel a yearbook is a fun place to go to look back at high school years throughout time and history. Another point of a yearbook is to see school spirt like the activities like sports or academic things and awards you see the fun times that kids are having. Even better a yearbook is for everyone not just one person we actually try to get each person I it three times. so not only are u looking at classmates and friends you are seeing yourself as well so then the your older you can show your kids school during your time and what u looked like. A yearbook can be very motivational for others that wanna go to that school aswell it can show what they think it will be like going there.

Another reasons schools make yearbooks is it includes work and art its some of the most precious experiences. A yearbook is to look back at because it before you are about to start a new chapter in your life. It can even start new things in the future when you look back at it and hit someone up u haven’t in a while. Yearbooks make people feel included and cared for. After an interview with one of the yearbook students this is her opinion on the meaning of a yearbook, ” I wanted to be a part of the yearbook makings because it allows us to makes something meaningful for our peers that they can look back at for the rest of their lives. I also love being part of the yearbook community because we all connect and bounce off of each others ideas, this builds a sense of teamwork that I can use for later in life. “

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