my morning routine

what’s your daily routine in the morning? How I start off my morning is first I start to wake up slowly open my eyes and just think about what iam going to wear today and what I will be doing. After a little bit of waking up and thinking I like to turn over and watch TikTok for a little so it wakes me up some more and just to catch up on things on my phone. I will usually text people back and start some music and unplug my phone to plug in my AirPods and then get up. Once I get up I then go to the bathroom to brush my teeth so I feel refreshened. After that I wash my face so iam more awakened so iam not so tired at school. Once I have that done I go into my room to pick out my cloths for the day the cloths I wear out and pajamas for the night so I don’t have to worry about that later.

Once I have the things that get me started for the day is when I get ready so like I will start off with my face routine and then put makeup on depending on the day and what iam doing or how iam feeling. Once my face is good I do my hair so its not so crazy I at least brush it. Then I will go down stairs and make some coffee while I eat something small like a banana or something. Then I find out how ham going to get to school and do that then I go on the couch and chill on TikTok again until I have to leave. After they get here I go with them and sometimes get more coffee or food and head to school. From there I just start to go on with my normal school day.

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