Monopoly Day

National Monopoly Day falls on November 19. Its a day for board game players to spend time with their family and family to play the game loved by all.. Monopoly! The first version of the board game came out in 1904. The game was created in Philadelphia and didn’t gain popularity until the Great Depression, only back then it was called The Landlords Game. People found the game fit for its own national day since it recognizes iconic places around the U.S. For instance, the game features Park Place, Boardwalk, Baltic Avenue, etc. The game is also recognized for its simulated features like being able to buy and sell properties and even go to jail. Although the rules of the game and how its played has been altered over the 100+ years of its existence, it will always remain the same game that gets most nostalgia and excitement to play.

Since the game has been out for over 100 years, the creative developers of the game decided to come out with special editions of the game with different location features, game pieces, etc. Some of my personal favorites editions include Super Mario, Rivals, and Cheaters. In the Super Mario edition, tokens, toad houses, peaches castle’s, and many other retro additions are included into the board game. Although Monopoly is loved by many, it is not the only available board game. Some other iconic and classic board games that have received a reserved day is Scrabble, Uno, Trouble, Life, and many more. What is your favorite board game?

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