Christmas Joy

By: Dezera Martinez


When it comes to decorating I love it! It brings out so much joy to me and many others! It makes it more jolly and exciting in my opinion. Decorations make everything pop, especially if you know how to complement every decoration with the right colors! Decorations are an excellent way to spread Christmas spirit. They make the world brighter and more joyful, they add personality’s to the trees and the other things as well. Christmas is a good way to show and spread the love you got for others, as well as spreading kindness!


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Christmas is a lot of joy when you celebrate it with the right people! But Christmas is most definitely not all about the gifts! It’s more about about spending time with your family and friends, and it’s more about giving thanks to the people you love. Christmas is celebrated differently in many places or either not celebrated at all by many. Sometimes people will get many gifts and just hand them out to people who can’t afford it, which is very wholesome. Some are joyful, happy and giving, while others are putty, mean, and grumpy. But with the right people, Christmas is really the best holiday.

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