The Marching Panthers

Tiana Hayes

Photo taken by Tammi Hayes

After a great season by our Marching Band, they go to state placing in 7th place. After all season of practicing, performing, and trucking things along, the Panther Marching Band went all the way to Grand Junction to play at the Colorado Mesa University stadium. This was a three day trip that brought this family closer together. Enough though they didn’t make finals, we are still proud of all the work they have done and everything they have been through. This has been a long season for them all and we are just glad that they made it back together.

The 2022 Marching season for the Panthers started on May 31st. Were they got together for the first time, began learning about each and the music. They have been practicing everyday since then. Spending so much time with each, they became a real family. Keeping each other safe and happy while getting better each day at their music and drill. With more than half of the band being brand new to the sport, everyone did amazing the long the season went on. Even though they lost one of their own, they pulled through and had a great season.

They would like to say a thank you to everyone who was there for them. A thank you to the parents who had to take them to and from practice, deal with schedule changes, and the busy schedule we had overall. The panthers are so thankful for everything they did. A thank you to their staff who we’re with them everyday for practice, the weekends, the competitions, and even when we weren’t doing band related things. A thank you to the boosters that we’re there for every competitions, football game, helping move instruments, props, feeding all the kids, and being there when ever we needed them. We would like to say thank you to our school and all the support they gave us. And to all the others schools that were there for us even in the darkest times. We couldn’t have done this season with out you all.

Now that this season is over, we wait till next year. Wait till the next show, performance, competition, were we do it all again.

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