Over thanksgiving break I was completely antisocial the entire time. When people came over to eat and enjoy the day, I grabbed my food and locked my self in my room and just barely came out. I don’t like talking or being around many people so I can’t keep a conversation for more then 2 minuets before i get uncomfortable or feel like I’m talking to much when I really don’t. I try my best to talk as much as I can in little bits but can’t seem to do it. Not only that, I managed to get caught up in some anime shows I’ve been meaning to watch for a while now, and glad I did because I loved every single one. I pulled so many all nighter just to finish the anime fast to see as much as I can. Sadly I was only able to watch 3 different animes in about 3 and a half days. One had one season, the second had three, and the last was new so only had one season. Each was entertaining and full of surprises so I enjoyed staying in bed waiting to see what happened next.

My sister and I started to have a night routine over break, where she would ask me to tuck her into bed and kiss her forehead goodnight. It’s cute she asks so nicely if I’m able too make her bed and when its morning, she makes a tend at the edge of my bed and stays there. Do we bonded more and I am now very comfortable with her around. The one thing that I enjoyed most was getting caught up on my sleep. I would stay up all night and sleep all day and feel like I was in heaven, knowing I didn’t have to care at what time it was so I could get enough sleep. I would wake up at 4 in the afternoon and my dad wouldn’t say anything because I made it clear that a break is my break, don’t Interrupt my sleep.

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