Upcoming Movies

2022 is almost gone and new movies are coming out soon. Some new movies are Guardians of the Galaxy volume 3, the little mermaid, the meg 2, the flash and many more. 2023 would be very special with many special movies, Marvel is coming out with new projects which is exciting and more movies that fans have been waiting on for a long time now.

Photo by Nathan Engel on Pexels.com

Some more movies are Super Mario Bros, Megan, Ant-Man and the wasp Quantumania, The Marvels, Fast and Furious 10, and Wonka. These are just a few ideas of what to watch during 2023. And this is just the beginning… many of these new movies are a promising franchise that can continue for two more movies or even more. In 2024 there will also be some new classics such as Joker part 2, and Deadpool 3. TUNE IN!

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