why do we love thanksgiving

why do we love thanksgiving? Here are reasons why, Im not going to lie I know a few people that hate thanksgiving because most people that don’t celebrate Thanksgiving do so because it is viewed as a national day of mourning, These individuals consider Thanksgiving as a symbol of the conquest of Native American land. In this cite im reading it says that some people say that Thanksgiving is a holiday that perpetuates lies and it shouldn’t be celebrated. On the other hand lots of other people love thanksgiving mostly because of all the food, but not just for the food its to be with family and to have them come together and can be a time to develop your relationships with family members. Its also to give thanks, To forget the fake story of the pilgrims and Native Americans, and just make the holiday all about being thankful for everything you have. Its also a day for people to acknowledge everything they are thankful for in their lives and to express their gratitude towards the people they love. I love thanksgiving to be with family and seeing and connecting with them and because i love all the of the food that is cooked.

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