The cost of living

I think about this all the time how the cost of living is so much and the prices of everything goes up everyday especially in Colorado. The average cost of living in Colorado is about 7% higher than in the average U.S. city. So it’s a little expensive to live in Colorado especially if you pick a big city like Denver or Colorado Springs. So many people are moving out to Colorado because The gorgeous weather although the whether is bipolar sometimes lol. But the incredible views, the easy access to outdoor amenities, and the endless opportunities for adventure¬†are just some of the reasons why people want Colorado to be their home, The state offers a high quality of life and plenty of job opportunities for newcomers. The cost of living is not just in Colorado its everywhere, Since the Covid pandemic happened Public spending and borrowing increased across the world during the pandemic, This led to tax rises that have contributed to the cost-of-living squeeze, while most people’s wages remain unchanged. The price of gas has also shot up, leaving people around the world with eye-watering central heating bills. There is also a big climate change Extreme weather in many parts of the world has contributed to inflation, The worst climate change its worst in is Florida because it ranks of being the top-five worst state for both extreme heat and flooding. The cost of living is only getting higher as we all get older an I think there should at lest be a little change.

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