Thanksgiving is right around the corner and so is thanksgiving break. I am mostly looking forward for break because I can sleep in and not have to worry about work being due or anything. My family does not really celebrate thanksgiving just because for us it is not really a holiday in my household, we say our thanks for everything we have, but other then that it is a normal day. We skip and go straight to Christmas as soon as Halloween is over with. Black Friday is a big thing with thanksgiving and we are just waiting for that day to buy as many things as we can for cheap, my family loves black Friday especially because we can take advantage with deals going everywhere. Recently we need a new microwave and have not been able to get one because my father wants to get on on black Friday, meaning thanksgiving went over my mind and set on Friday.

Many of my friends are having a big special lunch or dinner for thanksgiving, while we are just going to eat regularly, not much or anything nice. We really do not like turkey because it is gross, mashed potato’s are ok with gravy but not when there is not to have anything with it. We never liked turkey and never will make it, even though it is a common meal to have for that day. We got chicken last time since it was a last minuet meal that we agreed on to eat, it was fast and simple and were mostly starving so we were not in any mood to cook or bake anything, let along clean dishes. Hope everyone enjoys their thanksgiving/break!

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