Turkey Alternatives

During this festive time of year there’s one thing we all look forward to Thanksgiving. But during that time we don’t just focus on what we’re thankful for but also the food. Always worrying about which relative is cooking this year and weather you plan on it being nasty or not. Or your just adamant on not eating because of the main dish being turkey so some turkey alternatives for thanks giving could include Ham, cauliflower, chicken, beef tenderloin, brisket, prime rib, and pot roast.

All these might not sound pleasing to everyone, so you might just have to wing it without the turkey. But if those do sound pleasing then we’ll I guess I helped with post, and if not then I don’t know what to tell you other than that Craneberry sauce best be good. But in all seriousness I know turkey isn’t the best especially when its dry so make sure the chef in the family makes it and hope its so good it will make you cry. But good luck during this chaotic holiday.

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