The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Now that we are in November, anybody who loves to eat is waiting on the arrival of one of the most fulfilling holidays ever. Thanksgiving! And even then we have our early Christmas lovers that skip right past the glutinous time to start setting up. But with it being November we are blinded by Thanksgiving so much that we don’t remember the other special days that still have something to offer. Those being Cyber Monday, Black Friday, Veterans Day, and more.

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Now you may ask, “What was the point of letting you know these are up and coming?” and I am here to say that it was a simple reminder. Black Friday offers some pretty good deals when it comes to clothes from local retail store and common utilities that may have been a little too much when you wanted them for a gift or to yourself. Cyber Monday is an amazing day for students as I hear people losing one AirPods or both completely and being in need of new ones, so why not use the day to spoil yourself when they’re discounted by almost 40%! And Of course we have our Veterans Day which we won’t get the day off for but our Veterans are something to honor as they protect our country.

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