Happy Halloween

Katherine Medina

It’s everyone’s second favorite time of year! But for most, it’s number one, many kids came to school with their costumes bringing joy and a happy environment today. For today’s plan I just want to lay on my bed, watching scary movies, eating candy or something sweet without being bothered. It was really cold and my father did not feel like going out, especially since my little sister felt lazy and was too busy with her tv shows on our laptop. She gets entertained by the most simple things so it was easy to relax and enjoy an afternoon being cozy in my bed and not freezing cold.

I can only imagine how many people will bring there candies to school the very next day. Some of my friends brought candies to class on the day of Halloween and in their costumes. At least people got to enjoy their Halloween and even after. My friend since forever went to a haunted house and told me about it. Apparently she got to scared that she went home and stayed there the rest of the night. As much fun that she had, I was happy that I didn’t go cause I ended up getting a headache and had to stay in bed watching Scooby doo, or Chucky and Nightmare before Christmas.

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